About Discount Beads in Las Vegas Nevada Discount Beads opened its doors eight years ago, and has
enjoyed steady growth since that time. After our most recent expansion in 2012, we can now stake claim
to our ranking as Nevada's largest bead store.The business is owned and operated by two partners,
Dave Cray and Ernie Staley. Both men are veterans of full careers in corporate retail management. and
therefore desire to confine the business to conventional retail. Although we do offer a very favorable
discount program to licensed resellers, we have no plans to become an on-line shipper. We do not
publish a catalog and we do not display our wares on-line. But we are prepared to offer you a pleasant
and productive shopping experience when you visit. You will be greeted by our greatest assets, the five
jewelry designers who comprise our salesfloor staff. Helen, Shannon, Arlene, Mariana and Terry are all
accomplished beaders who genuinely enjoy comparing notes with beaders of any level of experience. You
will be pleased with the service they provide. Las Vegas Bead store  Shop in Las Vegas Nevada
Las Vegas Bead Store