Bead Classes Las Vegas Calendar Discount Beads in Las Vega Classes at Discount Beads are always
free. Of course, we do expect that you will purchase your supplies from us, but we do not apply any
mandatory minimum requirements or other stipulations. We also provide bead mats, bead boards, and
tools for your use if you do not have your own. We teach three basic categories of beading: Basic,
Intermediate, and Advanced. The Basic classes involve the stringing of a simple necklace on wire.
Here you will learn the rudiments of color matching and choices of bead materials, plus the uses of
crimps, crimp covers, wire protectors, jump rings, and closures. You will need to purchase a strand or
two of beads, a spool of wire, a package of crimps, a package of jump rings, and a clasp. The total
cost of these might be as little as ten dollars, or as much as $15 or $25 if you decide to design and
create something really nice. Las Vegas Bead Classes Bead Store
Las Vegas Bead Store